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What the Pros Are Not Saying About Lgbt Essay Topics and What This Means For You

What the Pros Are Not Saying About Lgbt Essay Topics and What This Means For You Begin a list of questions which you'd love to have answered. They don't know how to make certain that their points are persuasive enough. Refuse to understand that, actually. How to Choose Lgbt Essay Topics To come across argumentative essay topics easy on various platforms, you will need to comprehend about the argumentative essay. You have to have skills to compose a fantastic essay. If you're in a college and wish to compose an argumentative essay, you should select a subject of high importance. The essay that range from spongebob. Argumentative essay is about arguing and debating on a subject, which is debatable. Argumentative essay topics are so important since they are debatableand it's essential to at all times be critically contemplating the world around us. How to begin my colleg essay. How to compose an argue essay. Different essay types need various questions. Consequently, they are confronted with an alternative that is rarely a positive one. How to compose an important approach essay. Writing prompts are among the best strategies to create confident writers who take pleasure in the practice. Test essay questions will be contingent on the topic, needless to say. Reading example essays works the exact same way! Writing an essay utilizing software reviews. There are a few great topics to think about when deciding on a topic for your argumentative essay. To choose which subject you're likely to discuss, it's essential to see the complete collection of good persuasive speech topics from the specific area of study. Another good idea is to receive some completely free essay examples of different kinds and on various subjects to find a general idea of the way in which a thriving debatable paper looks. You always intuitively understand once an intriguing essay idea is really the ideal idea for you. New Questions About Lgbt Essay Topics Judging someone due to their sexual orientation is the same from judging someone due to their color and all of us know that's wrong. Possessing a unique sexual preference than that which is deemed ordinary can be a really tricky point to admit, even to yourself. LGBT issues are extremely sensitive ones. Another reason is to observe how well students argue on various views and demonstrate understanding o f the studied subject. But if my readers obtain half of the valuable information I have obtained, I understand that I've accomplished my task. The reader needs to be impressed by how you defend your ideas. The Lgbt Essay Topics Cover Up Homosexuals are simply ordinary individuals who happen to love the identical sex. Homosexuality has been a subject of much concern for debaters all around the world. Thus, it is a very natural thing and it should not be restricted as it is in many places and homosexual marriages should be allowed. The alternatives they face may incorporate depression, substance abuse, violence, and sometimes even suicide. Among the social groups that experience various problems as an immediate outcome of their identity is the homosexual community. In the duration of the twentieth century, society started to talk about the subject of homosexuality after the contemporary gay rights movement began in 1969. This significant change and increased acceptance is due to the evolution of LGBT equality. Nevertheless, it seems that most the discrimination against LGBT youths emanates from the schools they attend. Hate crimes against LGBT individuals continue to be shockingly prevalent across the nation. Discrimination's been around for centuries and even though there have been a number of improvements in how society deals with discrimination, we still have an extremely long thing to do. LGBT discrimination is a significant concern once it concerns the pursuing of equality.

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The Progressive Era - 1825 Words

The Progressive Era cannot be characterized by one single event or person, but it certainly experienced multiple events and people who swam with high velocity in the sea of reformation. People such as Jane Addams, Teddy Roosevelt, and W.E.B DuBois led the progressive movement with their outspoken ideas and impact on the era. Events and works such as The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, Muller vs Oregon, and the Clayton Antitrust Act stand out as important and pivotal to the era. Between 1900 and 1920, many successful attempts at progressive legislature were led to enact overall moral and social reform throughout the United States, as evident in the growth of democracy, regulation of business, as well as the growth of women’s and worker’s rights. While many successful outcomes are believed to have come about during this era, the clear outlier is that of the livelihood of the African Americans, and how the government turned its back on an entire race for the better part of the 2 0th century. In the 20th century, factory jobs were one of the most sought after by immigrants and members of the American lower class. These jobs were often in unsafe conditions, with long working hours, and very poor paying salaries. In 1906, Upton Sinclair released a narrative entitled The Jungle, a description of immigrant working conditions in the meat packing and production industry. It was intended to reach out to the average American and inform them of the conditions in which immigrants lived andShow MoreRelatedProgressives And The Progressive Era1253 Words   |  6 PagesThe progressive Era was times in History were local state and federal government took a leap forward in power and activism. In addition, the progressive era, was a time of development of new reforms and changes for America. Progressivism handles a wide range of problems and struggle for America. Such problems were created by unstructed industrialization, urbanization and immigration. As well as, the unfavo rable distribution of power and wealth. Progressives believed strongly that problems such asRead MoreThe Progressive Era Of The Era1949 Words   |  8 Pagesshaped the United States throughout all of history. The most important of these changes, however, occurred during America’s progressive era. The Progressive era is defined as the time period of 1890 to 1920. Even though, progressive presidents were not in office during that entire time period, the ideals that they enacted and developed throughout the United States. The Progressive Era saw the expansion and contraction of political and economic freedoms through pure democracy. Socially, the new consumerRead MoreThe Progressive Era 938 Words   |  4 PagesThe Progressive Era was a time period between the years 1900-1920 and it marked a time in American history in which society was bursting with enthusiasm to improve life in the industrial age by making political and social changes through government action that ultimatel y led to a higher quality of life for American citizens. Progressives were known for their beliefs in limiting the power of big business, strengthening the power of the states, and were advocators against corruption and social injusticeRead MoreThe Progressive Era845 Words   |  4 Pages1--Discuss, in detail, the main overall goals of the Progressives. The Progressive Era was mainly a retaliation to numerous changes and social effects that were happening in America. The era emerged in the 1800’s from complications with the latest industrial order, which included workers who protested about how their jobs were unsafe and exhausting. They also focused on byproducts such as immigration, urban growth, growing corporate power, and widening class divisions. They were also known as humanitariansRead MoreThe Progressive Era Of The Revolutionary Era1723 Words   |  7 Pagesthe reformist movement? Why? The root of the Progressive Era comes from the emergence of industrialism in the United States had created some terrible problems and they wanted to work together to change the U.S government. Therefore, address the problems that had come about from the Industrial Revolution. The progressive era was all about making advances in a better society, the feature of democracy during the progressive movement a lot of these progressive at local state levels started to focus on cleaningRead MoreThe Importance Of The Progressive Era1310 Words   |  6 Pages The Progressive era was a time in America’s history when people started to call for the government’s help to face the problems industrialization brought. This era was extremely important because it helped the people achieve better conditions and helped the government to make better use of its powers. One of the most potent groups of progressivists were muckrakers; they used journalism to bring forward problems and injustices in society and the work industry (McKeown). The Triangle Shirtwaist FireRead MoreThe Progressive Movement Of The American Progressive Era1259 Words   |  6 PagesWhen it comes to the American Progressive Era there is really no other movement like it. This was a movement that had not just one but many faces that ranged from people as big as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to people like Jane Addams that accomplished so much. It was a movement so broad that it encompassed basically everyone and spoke not just to but for all those excluded from power. It also wasn’t just one big movement but a conglomeration of them varying from social, to economic, toRead More The Progressive Era Essay798 Words   |  4 Pagesall power rested with the politicians and businessmen. Reformers known as Progressives attempted to undo the problems caused by industrialization. The Progressive movement sought to end the influence of large corporations, provide more rights and benefits to wor kers, and end the control possessed by party leaders. At the national level, Progressivism centered on defeating the power of large businesses. The Progressive Era was a period in American history in which improving working conditions, exposingRead More The Progressive Era Essay984 Words   |  4 Pages The Progressive Era nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Progressivism in the United States took place in the period between the Spanish-American War and the entry of the United States into the great World War. It was a time for change in America in all walks of life, as well as a time for reform. It was marked by Theodore Roosevelts 7 and a half years in office, the Rough Rider put it upon himself to make the first strides towards reform. These reforms included the cracking down on illegal monopoliesRead MoreThe During The Progressive Era989 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the Progressive Era, various groups responded to the political, social, and economic woes that resulted from the rapid industrialization and urbanization of America during the 19th Century. The mass immigration of foreigners and the northern migration of Africa-Americans led to urban overcrowding and competition for wage-paying jobs. Electric lighting allowed factories to expand the working hours and increase the output of manufactured goods. There was little regulation for employee welfare

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Is Gender Bias For College Aid - 1105 Words

Original Thoughts We started our research expecting to find that there was gender bias in college aid. For example we thought that men would get more sports scholarships than women and women would get more STEM scholarships than men This, we thought, was because the colleges were trying to draw in genders to certain fields. We thought that males would get more scholarships because colleges want more male athletes and that women would get more STEM scholarships because they want to draw more women into the STEM fields. Gender Bias? Contrary to our original ideas, our research showed us there was not a bias in the areas we thought. In fact, our research revealed to us that there was not actually any true gender bias in financial aid and†¦show more content†¦Within the study, the higher proportion of aid fluctuated between genders, but the difference was almost insignificant. This does not show that there are any true biases within athletic aid. STEM Scholarship Programs Another one of the main areas we expected to find gender biases was the STEM Scholarship programs. The STEM program is a very successful program which was designed to provide resources and opportunities to underrepresented groups. In order to research this, we looked into a specific scholarship program geared toward the STEM program at Wright State University. The Wright Science Technology and Engineering Preparatory Program is an academic pre-engineering program at Wright State University. This program provides resources and financial incentives to encourage students to pursue degrees in the STEM field. Wright STEPP Students By Gender This graph shows the distribution of students involved in the program based on gender. As you can see, the undergraduates that are part of the program are dominantly females, while the graduate students are much more balanced, but there are slightly more males. STEM Scholarship Programs We recently interviewed Barb Gunnison who works as the Special Programs Coordinator in the Learning Resource Center here at Behrend. She was a big part of the STEM Scholarship Program that we used to have here. The program started because they wanted to â€Å"give a home to minorities in STEM fields†. It consisted of a oneShow MoreRelatedCorrelation Between Niu Student s Application Rate886 Words   |  4 Pagesto do so, therefore eliminating most of the bias lying could have on my results. I also included in my questionnaire gender, age, and parental contribution to their educational costs. When I decided on this topic I came to the hypothesis that most students I interviews would not have applied for scholarships, which would then leave them with some form of student debt. According to Debt.org â€Å"two-thirds of the nation’s full-time students pay for college with scholarships or grants† which means my surveyRead MoreData Suicide Case Study1671 Words   |  7 Pagesin older patients, for the middle age clients it would be a slope bias. This is just one reason why sub groups should not be presented before test administration. If the test overpredicts then it is unreliability because the inaccuracy serves as a threat to the reliability and validity of the researc h. 2. Assuming we did use the same regression line for all three groups, which group would be most likely to raise claims of test bias? Unfairness? Assuming that the same regression line was used for allRead MoreGender Bias in the Workplace: Its Origin, Cases and Solutions 1767 Words   |  7 Pages Gender Bias in the Workplace: Its Origin, Cases and Solutions Gender bias has long been an issue in the workplace. For decades women have suffered not only a pay gap but also an authority gap. In my paper I will outline how gender bias has taken shape within the workplace and its components. It is key that we not only study the components of the gender gap but also examine how they took root. One would think that gender bias would have subsided considerably but this is not the case. Over the decadesRead MoreThe Development And Maintenance Of Civilization Essay1763 Words   |  8 Pagesall other characteristics: the creation and usage of social constructs. A social construct is defined as a social mechanism, phenomenon, or category created and developed by society, which aids in either the development or regression of society as a whole. While more commonly known constructs such as race and gender shape the mindsets of societies and civilizations as a whole over periods of time, the consequences of the existence of the construct itself can have both a positive or negative affect.Read More Interview With Men In Non-Traditional Roles Essay1105 Words   |  5 Pages Men In Non-Traditional Roles nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;This paper takes a look into the lives of three males breaking out of their gender stereotyped roles in society. These males avoid the boundaries traditional thinking has tried to impose on them and embark on their own as what they like to call quot;pioneers in the mens equality movement.quot; Introduction: The Mennbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;First off, this paper will introduce the three quot;pioneersquot;;Read More Equality for Women Essay1650 Words   |  7 Pages How would you like to earn about an extra million dollars? Is this hard to do? Then answer is no, all you have to do is be born male and graduate college. Throughout history women have strived for equality. The informal slogan of the Decade of Women became â€Å"Women do two-thirds of the worlds work, receive 10 percent of the worlds income and own 1 percent of the means of production† (Robbins, 354). Throughout the world the disparity of rights for women is immense. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;TheRead MoreCurrent Issues Facing The American Education System Essay1149 Words   |  5 PagesThere was once a time when white males were only allowed to attend colleges and universities. After the civil war, women and those of different ethnicities were thrown into the college scene. However, even today there continues to be the ongoing debate on how it is best to enroll, educate, and graduate these students that were once denied higher education. Because of this debate, American universities still need to provide accommodations to these groups of students. Those previously denied theRead MoreTitle Ix Essay1613 Words   |  7 Pagesthe progress we have made (Hasday 97). Despite the bias opinions on Title IX, it has made a positive addendum to womens lives. Since the addition of Title IX in the past 30 years, it has shown that more women statistically play collegiate and high school sports. The excerpt Title IX is a Winner; Keep Giving it the Ball, sho ws that Title IX has increased the number of girls in high school sports by ninefold in 30 years and quintupled in college (Title IX 1). According to U.S. General AccountingRead MoreWhat Makes A Leader? Essay1698 Words   |  7 Pagestheir achievements and provide a more nurturing role in the workplace, even when it is inappropriate. If a woman becomes a mother, it triggers powerful negative competence and commitment assumptions according to a study referenced within Barriers and Bias. Accordingly, after giving birth women see a 4% decrease in earnings per child. Meanwhile men actually thrive in fatherhood, with an average 6% earnings increase. The confidence gap, which has been a discussion for years, contributes to this divideRead MoreGender Equality in the Classroom1082 Words   |  5 Pages Analyzing the Classroom From the time we are about 5 years old and for some of us into our late 20’s and 30’s we are in a coeducational environment called the classroom. Ever wonder which gender has the leg up? The bias towards? The one most likely to succeed? My prediction is that boys from kindergarten through the collegiate level more often than not will have an advantage capturing the teacher’s attention and dominating classroom activities over women. From the way students are bred into the

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My Favorite Song free essay sample

My favorite song When asked to write an essay about my favorite song, I thought this would be easy. After several days of contemplation, decided this was not going to be as easy as I thought. However, I did manage and decided that Sky The Limit from The Notorious B. L. G. s 1997 album titled Life After Death, had to be my favorite. It features vocals from the band 112 and somber production from Clark Kent. It contains a sample from the song My Flame by Bobby Caldwell and Keep On by D,Train. I enjoy this song for many reasons, a few being the artist, its message, the songs tempo and the music video. The song acts as a sequel to his hit Juicy as the lyrics deal with The Notorious B. L. G. s tough upbringing and how he made it in life. Notorious B. I,G. Was notarized early In his career mostly for his lyrical content, which Included B. We will write a custom essay sample on My Favorite Song or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page L. G. s lyrical topics and themes Included hardcore gangster lyrics, Mafioso tales, his drug dealing past, materialistic bragging, as well as humor, and romance.His tales of street exploits (selling crack, robbing, shootouts, etc. ) coupled with humorous expressions permeated his first album and the freestyle appearances he made on radio stations, but his reputation for Ignorance didnt detract from his diversity. He is respected for his storytelling ability, which was not fully realized until his second album. During his hiatus he had developed his wordplay and structure, honing the technical side to his verses. Notorious B. L. G. s lyrics have been sampled by many of todays rappers. Chi as Jay-Z, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, Fabulous, Foxy Brown and Busts Rhymes. In 2001, hip hop magazine The Source crowned The Notorious B. I. G. As the greatest MAC (Master of Ceremony) of all time. In the song Sky The Limit it gives the message of following your dreams and never giving up. Everybody has goals and dreams. These dreams are at the center of who you really are. It Is the core essence of who you are as a person, and the very purpose of your being. What you are dreaming of accomplishing in your life is Gods way of getting you involved in his master plan. You were gifted with a set of dreams and talents, in the hope that you would act out these passions, follow your dreams and thusly move forward In life. Its really a great pity that weve been told already since early childhood that we should stop dreaming and start living. What a mistake! Living is dreaming. This is exactly why we are here: to pursue our dreams. Not for selfish reasons, but for the sake of everybody. By following my dreams, I am becoming a better person, a happy person, shining brightly Like a sun, lightening up the lives of those around me.If I decide to roger about my dreams, then I will become like a plant without water or sunlight, leaves hanging down, begging for water and looking rather miserable. Am I of any help to myself or to the world when I abandon my dreams? Your dream Is the reason for the way you are. Your dream Is not a coincidence. Your dream Is who you are. You should pursue it. Your dream gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, and drives you on into your chosen future. Your dream is the meaning of your life. This song has on exactly what the singer is saying.

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Managing Human Resource

Introduction Currently, Human Resource Management is taken to be a contemporary development that has reshaped employment relationship. This perspective has come out to replace the traditional approaches like industrial relations and personnel management in order to better the practices of employment.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Managing Human Resource specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Nonetheless, Human Resource Management remains a modern science that is constantly evolving in complex environment and organizations. However, its direct connection with strategic management has resulted to its division into two major approaches called soft and hard Human Resource Management. In the ancient and recent past, it was understood that personnel management aimed at efficiency, organizational development and justice through bringing together employees in the organization by enhancing their collective and individual cont ribution to its success. For that matter, a personnel manager was a person who was in charge of employees’ welfare at work place, loyal to the organization, abiding to internal and external cultures as well as responsible for adjusting to organizational challenges and its environment. On the other hand, Human Resource Management is considered to be a strategic approach in management of employment relations that seeks to leverage employees’ capabilities in attaining competitive advantage. For that matter, this paper covers different perspectives of human resource management. Nevertheless, it also covers several ways of developing flexibility within the workplace. It also looks at several ways of creating equal opportunities in a working environment as applied by British Sugar; a United Kingdom Company that deals with supply of sugar in the market. Moreover, several topical human resource practices and issues are also explored. Types of Flexibility in the work processes and how it can be applied in British Sugar Company Flexibility in the work processes usually requires strategy that is responsible for hiring, managing, assessing and rewarding these employees. However, for this to be effective, it is imperative that the strategy adopted must be geared towards improvement of employees’ engagement, job satisfaction, job retention and their overall well being. British Sugar appreciates flexibility in its work processes since it is believed that it helps to reduce stress and achieve job satisfaction. For that matter, British Sugar is applying several ways of achieving flexibility in its work processes. The traditional flexi time is one of the mechanisms that the company is applying. According to Luis and others (2011) affirmed that this approach allows employees in the organization to select their appropriate starting and quitting sessions. This is done within a reasonable time that surrounds their hours of operations.Advertising Looking fo r essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Moreover, the company also applies this approach through having a compressed work that enables employees to allocate themselves hours such as ten hours per day for four days in a week. Therefore, this means that employees usually have the remaining three days of the week as their off days which brings forth flexibility in the work processes. According to Stephen (2005), this is important since it helps to reduce work related stress during these elongated off periods. Nonetheless, there exist several advantages and disadvantages that are accrued from application of flexi time approach in the concept of flexibility in the work processes of British Sugar. The arrangement benefits both the employer and the employee. For instance, working parents are helped by the arrangement to balance their family and work responsibilities. Moreover, it also helps employees to avoid stres sful traffic and provision of longer leisure time. On the part of the employer, the arrangement is beneficial since it helps build motivation amongst its employees. Moreover, it is acknowledged by Stephen (2005) that flexi time helps to increase efficiency since it permits scheduling of activities to concur with the flow and ebb of the workload. For that matter, work processes in the organization are made to be flexible to both employee and the employer hence increasing productivity. Nevertheless, under flexi time arrangement, it is difficult for the managers to ensure completion of critical functions and optimum work flow. This is so since they encounter the problem of supervision. Moreover, flexi time also is a source of additional overhead costs since facilities are strained by the elongated working hours. Furthermore, British Sugar is applying induction exercise to its new recruits as one of its approach to flexibility in the work process. Induction according to Susan and Stephe n (2005) is opined to be one of the ways of achieving flexibility in the work processes. This is so since it enables new recruits to learn work processes of the company thus enabling them to accomplish given tasks with flexibility. On the other hand, Jenkins and Ambrosini (2002) provided that once an individual talent has been attracted to the organisation and recruited, it is relatively important to undergo an induction process. This process has several crucial purposes in the organization. These include; Acting as an avenue through which new recruits are able to learn expectations of the organization. Being the process through which the organization’s culture is inculcated in the new recruit. Acting as a platform through which the new recruit is able to learn both the internal and external environment of the organization Therefore, in elaboration, it acts as an avenue through which new recruits are able to learn expectations of the organisation. Through learning of the bu siness processes, they are in a better position to learn how business is conducted in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. This brings forth the desired flexibility in work processes.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Managing Human Resource specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Moreover, through the induction process, the organisation’s culture is able to be inculcated in the new recruit. New staff is able to cope with the culture of the organisation. This is important since it helps one to become part of the wider community of the organization. Thirdly, Jenkins and Ambrosini (2002) opined that an induction programme also plays an important role of helping the new recruit to learn both the internal and external environment of the British Sugar. Mostly, these recruits are people who are new in the environment both internally and externally. The induction process helps them to adapt to these new environ ment by familiarizing with it before settling down for meaningful engagement. This helps them to adapt smoothly thus being flexible in the work processes of the company. Consequently, these three purposes of induction have benefits to an individual and to the organization as a whole. To begin with, it is evident that the induction process acts as an orientation process to the new recruit. This is a benefit since it enables him or her to learn the operation of the organization and to adapt to the new environment. Moreover, it also benefits the new recruit by providing on job training before he or she is left to perform these duties on his or her own. On the other hand, it is beneficial to the organization since it advances the culture of the organisation to the new recruit. In addition, it also acts as a platform through which the organization advances its expectations to new recruit. This promotes flexibility of work processes in the company. Labor market trends and flexibility Labo r market shapes the approach that an organization takes to its human resource management. For that matter, it should be appreciated that development in social, political, economical and technological sphere of life has significantly affected labor supply in the society. Therefore, knowledge of labor market is important to appreciate trends and flexibility in organizations. Nonetheless, labor market can be divided into two broad categories; internal and external labor market. Changing trends in these two categories have effects to its supply.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Classical theorists believed that it was prudent to apply a structured approach to employee management. This means that the labor market was limited from outside the organization where by people entered organizations at very lower levels but proceeded to senior positions through internal promotions. However, this was after a successful in house training. This was beneficial to both employer and the employee in that it encouraged career advancement of these people while at the same time limiting transfer of skills to other competing organization. Contrary to the classical theorists, contemporary approaches to human resource management appreciate a liberal market where labor market appreciates transfer of skills from one organization to another. For that matter, the labor market is influenced by external forces that determine its supply and demand on the market. These forces include changes in societal attitudes to education and work. For instance, in the current labor market, there i s high appreciation of female workers as opposed in the traditional approaches. Moreover, there is desire to balance work and family life. In addition, economic factors are also part of the external forces that determines labor market trends in the contemporary times. Both national and international economic conditions such as inflation, interest and exchange rates determine the cost of living. For that matter, incase of high rates, it implies that more members of the family should work to meet rising expenses. Moreover, globalization process is another key factor that determines labor market trends in the contemporary society. Forces such as global financial performance, international migrations and production systems are some of the factors that affect labor market in the current times. For that matter, an organization needs to put these factors into consideration in management of its human resource. Therefore, flexibility in work processes such as flexi time also needs to put fac tors of globalization into consideration. Additionally, contemporary labor market has tremendously changed in such a way that a supply of a given form of labor in a given region can create demand of that particular labor in another regional market. Flexible working methods and issues related to flexibility Flexible working applies different approaches. However, according to Jenkins and Ambrosini (2002), an approach that may appear flexible to an employee may not be flexible to the employer and vice versa. For that matter, it is necessary to adopt an approach that tries to satisfy both the employer and the employee. Therefore, it is important to apply organizational and labor market flexible practices in order for all stakeholders to be comfortable. In connection to this, the organization may decide to apply the following approaches or in their combination. Labor Market Flexibility Labor market flexibility is an approach where employees and the employer respond to ever changing labor conditions in the market. Labor supply can be applied in various ways, for instance, the supply of hours of work by an employee. This kind of approach puts two major considerations in terms of labor costs. The consideration includes sacrifice of working extra time and any kind of disadvantages associated with that kind of work. In that connection, it is important that any extra hour worked should be accompanied by a higher hourly compensation due to the high disutility incurred during the working processes. Moreover, in terms of increased wage rate due to extra working hours, there are also positive effects associated with the process. For instance, it facilitates improved childcare support which in turn helps to increase conditions of other people in the labor market. Flexible Firm Flexibility In relation to this approach, it is propounded by Johnson and Scholes (2008) that that there are two major categories of workers in a flexible firm. These include the core and peripheral wor kers. In relation to core workers, they are believed to be employees who are on permanent employment in the organization. These permanent employees enable the organization to deliver functional flexibility since they are involved in accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. On the other hand, peripheral employees provide the organization with flexibility in terms of numbers since they may increase or reduce given the current labor market. For that matter, the flexible firm flexibility entails reorganization of organization’s internal labor into various categories basing on the employer’s expectations and employees’ experiences. However, in terms of human resource management policies such training and other general employee development, core workers are the only ones who are involved in the program. However, the peripheral workers are only exposed to raw policy forces. In addition, in an event of economic turmoil such as recession, the peripheral employees are the o nes who are more susceptible. Advantages of flexible working practices to both employer and the employee Advancers of flexible working practices points out several advantages that attracts organizations to move towards that direction. These include competitive advantages that are accrued from these programs. Competitiveness is however attained though achieving high rate of employee retention. Thus, high employee retention means that organizations end up spending fewer resources on training employees as compared to the instance when there is high rate of employee turnover. Moreover, it should also be noted that due to employee retention, valued employees’ skills, knowledge and experience are retained in the organization hence giving it the vigor in work processes. Moreover, according to Johnson and Scholes (2008), it is believed that flexibility working practices reduces undesirable behaviors in the work place such as absenteeism. This is so since it provides flexible options which strengthen employees’ commitment while giving ample time that result to absenteeism in other work practices. In addition, proponents of flexible working practices hold that flexibility in work processes enables organizations to increase their employee loyalty by not necessarily making major changes in their work processes. In most cases, work flexibility entails little or completely no changes in the work processes. For example, compressed weeks of work and flexi time only need similar number of hours using the same work arrangements. Importantly, it is also worthy to note that flexible work practices have positive impact on employee productivity. This is so since employees are able to meet their family needs through approaches such as flexi time hence they are likely to be contented with both work processes and their family life. Moreover, flexibility practices such as application of telecommuting helps employees to be more productive since they are freed by headaches such as office interruptions. Disadvantages of flexible working practices to both employer and the employee Despite having several advantages accrued from flexible working practices, it is imperative to acknowledge several disadvantages that are connected to this kind of arrangement. These disadvantages actually have negative consequences to organizations. To begin with, flexibility arrangement such as telecommuting can be at times disastrous since other processes such as customer services which usually needs physical attention of personnel suffers in the long run. On the other hand, it is also imperative to note that in such kind of arrangement, interpersonal relationship that employees develop through physical interaction with different stakeholders in the organization is largely affected which in the long run ruin with their personality. Moreover, it is also opined by Lynch (2006) that flexibility working arrangements have issues with supervisory tasks since employees are never a round to be answerable to their task performance especially in the event of telecommuting. In addition, in terms of employees working from their homes, it becomes a problem for them to keep balance between their office work and family activities. Forms of discrimination that take place There are several forms of description that takes place at the work place. Nonetheless, these forms of discrimination vary from one environment to another and from one organization to the next. To begin with, age in some circumstances is used to discriminate people in the organization. This kind of discrimination takes place in different forms. For instance, an organization may downsize an older employee in order to keep a young employee who can be paid less. Moreover, some organizations may set age limit in their staff development programs such as training in favor of young ones. Nevertheless, gender is another form of discrimination that occurs in work places. In most cases, gender discrimination is usually accompanied by sexual harassment. For instance, some employers discriminate women in their recruitment process since they believe that they will impact the organization negatively during their elongated maternity leave. Moreover, in some organizations, gender is closely associated with some departments. For instance, some will consider women candidates for marketing function than compared to men while in engineering department, men will be considered more than women candidates. In addition, discrimination based on religion is also a common practice that is exhibited in some organizations. Recruiting or promotion of employees in these organizations is based on ones faith. For instance, in the United States, people who professed Muslim faith started being discriminated after the terror event of 9th September, 2001. This was so since all Muslims were believed to have terror links hence being a threat to the stability of the country. Additionally, it is also imperative to note that in countries that experience racism, there is high rate of racial discrimination in work places. For instance, if the top management is of a certain race, he or she will likely to recruit people of his or her race in an environment that is multi racial. For that matter, it is prudent to acknowledge that all types of discrimination at the work place can have disastrous effects to the organization. This includes heavy fines to organization which in turn results to financial hardships. For instance, in some countries, an organization that is found guilty of practicing racism is liable for some fines which in the long run can result to the demise of the firm. Types of appraisal and feedback methods in performance management There exist several types of appraisal and performance management in human resource management. All these provide feedback on performance of employees in the organizations. The feedback informs the management on decisions such as training needs of its staff, pro motions, transfers, terminations and increase in remuneration. Some of these appraisal methods include; Management by Objectives In this approach, the management examines tangible and measurable goals after every stipulated period of time such as a year. At the onset of each year, the management usually sets objectives to be attained by employees during that period. Then, at the end of that year, the performance measurement of any employee is compared to his or her peers and in comparison to the set objectives to determine those achieved. Employees who achieve the bigger percentage of the objectives set are considered to have performed to the expectations of the organization. On the other hand, employees who tend to have achieved little in comparison to the set objectives are deemed to have performed poorly in that particular year. Therefore, the management is at the discretion to take any appropriate measures. 360 Degree This approach of employee appraisal is an all round technique that involves evaluation during the entire working processes. For instance, the employee is assessed all through by all stakeholders. For example, one is evaluated by the immediate boss, the top management, the subordinates and all other people including clients that the employee interact with during his or her working process. These stakeholders provide feedback concerning the working style of this employee which serves as a measure in determining other processes such as employee training, promotion or termination. Behavioral Observation Technique By using this method, the management is able to identify strengths and weaknesses of its employees based on their behavior at the work place. The method entails the manager observing specific conducts and actions of the employee in his or her daily activities. Therefore, the manager is in a position to review the performance of the employee. It is imperative to note that it is easier to accomplish this kind of appraisal since it only inv olves observation of behaviors displayed by the employee. However, it is also important to note that for the exercise to be successful, it is necessary for the manager to have a good knowledge of how particular behavior affects work performance. In addition, it is a must that the manager should have time to be able to observe a particular employee. Teams Evaluations Evaluation of teams within an organization is just like individual evaluation process that is intended to meet continuous improvement in organizational processes. Therefore, the standards that guide evaluation of teams must focus on customer satisfaction. For that matter, teams must be rated based on customer satisfaction and the ambitious goals of the organization. For instance, to be an outstanding team, customers must continuously provide positive feedback. Moreover, these teams must consistently be working towards improvement of processes in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Therefore , Lynch (2006) postulated that in order to attain an outstanding performance, the team must significantly boost effectiveness and efficiency that are paramount to clients’ satisfaction. Therefore, in evaluating teams in the organization, there is need to develop an appraisal scheme that entails organization’s standards of excellence. These standards include skills and knowledge of the job, interpersonal relationships and teamwork, reliability and dependability, flexibility and adaptability in the working environment and most importantly, work performance. For that matter, assessing team performance should therefore keep in mind these key standards. In addition, processes that are critical to the team must be evaluated to establish their performance. Moreover, Mintzberg and Quinn (2003) opined that when assessing team performance, it is relatively important to check for the role fit in the team. Ideally, every member in the team has a role. For that matter, every role o f the team member must be evaluated to gauge whether it fits their skills and knowledge and whether they are capable of performing these roles. In addition, performance reviews of the team must be regularly conducted to ensure that organizational goals and objectives are being met in the team. Moreover, in the team assessment, every member must be given an opportunity to contribute towards teamwork. This is an important aspect of group evaluation since it gives a sense of belonging to members which is a critical ingredient in promoting continuous improvement in the organization. Therefore, it should be a strategy for the company to regularly perform team evaluation exercise. However, this process should encompass a multifaceted programme that is appropriate for effectiveness and efficiency appraisal program for the organization. For that matter, the appraiser should enable the team members to personally identify the outcomes of their own work and not rely on the second or third part y for providing results of their work. Secondly, the evaluation programme must be based on performance measures of the team members. This should put into consideration what has happened, what has changed, what has advanced and what has improved in a team for a specific period of time. This approach is intended to make sure that there is a continued improvement in the team in respect to the changing needs of the organization. Thirdly, it is also important that the appraiser identifies what every individual member contributes in the team. The success of teamwork is usually dependant on the contributions of each individual member thus their individual efforts are relatively important. However, when assessing individual efforts in the group, the outcomes of all members must be accumulated to come up with teamwork results. Fourthly, regular reviews of teamwork must be undertaken after a specific period of time. These reviews must be undertaken regularly to ensure that the team’s p erformance remains on course. The review must focus on the results of the teamwork in order to identify problems and successes. This provides a benchmark for grading performance of the team. However, according to Mintzberg and Quinn (2003), there are differences that exist between evaluating team performance and individual performance. To begin with, these two processes are different in terms of parameters that are used in evaluation. For individual evaluation, job description becomes the basis of assessment. This is contrary to team evaluation since it is the goals that were set to be attained by the team that becomes the basis for assessment. Secondly, another difference in evaluation relates to the outcomes. The outcome of the team is determined by all members of the team. For instance, a competent individual in the team might be affected by non-functional team. This is common in instances where a team is comprised by incompetent members. However, an incompetent team member may b e evaluated as a good performer as a result of functional and competent team members (Stephen, 2005). Nevertheless, on individual evaluation, an individual takes full responsibility of his or her own performance. Lastly, individual assessment has a direct correlation to compensation. For instance, an individual who performs well in the performance appraisal is likely to benefit from benefits such as salary increase, bonuses and promotion. On the other hand, it is relatively impossible to provide these benefits to all team members based on team evaluation. Moreover, team members will complain whenever some of the team members are selectively rewarded as a result of teamwork evaluation. Concept of Succession Planning within an Organization Additionally, it is relatively important to develop a succession plan within an organization to facilitate performance appraisal. This process of succession planning ensures that there is competent workforce in the organization so that no vacuum is created when some of the personnel leave the organization (Lynch, 2006). For that matter, there are several reasons as to why an organization should adopt a succession plan in their operations. To begin with, one of the major reasons for adopting this plan is to forecast the future needs of the organization. Succession planning helps to identify future needs and requirements of the organization and as a result prepares for these needs. For instance, the organization can benefit from the plan when they lose an incumbent of a certain line since the replacement is automatically done. In addition, the plan ensures that the organization is better placed in terms of its human resource management since balanced scorecards are well planned for. These balanced scorecards are critical in ensuring management effectiveness in the organization which is key for continuous improvement. For that matter, the key reason for adopting succession planning is to guarantee service delivery to clients. The refore, for the succession planning to be successfully used in the company, it is relatively important to incorporate it in the company’s strategic plans. Moreover, it is also advisable to incorporate it in succession plans of the employees training programee. For that reasons a succession planning process for the company should take a strategic planning approach (Mintzberg Quinn, 2003). These succession plans should therefore be incorporated in the strategic goals of the organization. In addition, the planning process must adopt an inclusive approach such that it must incorporate all stakeholders in crafting these plans. Moreover, the top management must actively be involved in order to win their support in the entire process. Lastly, the formulated plan must be communicated effectively in the organization to bring about awareness of the programme. Human resource practices in the workplace related to occupational health, accidents at work, ill health at work, costs and abse nteeism Human resource practices in the workplace related to occupational health, accidents at work place, ill health at work and absenteeism are determined by several factors. These factors can be categorized into two major categories that relates to hereditary factors, health practices of an employee, personal resources, values and attitudes that employees posses when joining the organization. Secondly, apart from factors that relates to the employee, there are also other factors that are related to the work place in the organization. These are factors that have effects on the employee once he or she joins the organization in terms of their psychological and physical sense. For that matter, the organization has control over these factors and therefore, can help to control them in order to help combat these factors from adversely affecting productivity of employees. However, there are several human resource practices that an organization can employ in the workplace that are related to occupational health, accidents at work, ill health at work and absenteeism in order to reduce their occurrence. These practices include; Organizational Culture Organization culture consists of values, attitudes and beliefs that are practiced in the organization on a regular basis. These affect employees physical and mental well being. The psychosocial environment affects employees’ health. Therefore, it should be friendly to them in order to maintain their health. This is so since it creates two times greater injury risks, conflict at the workplace and violence, mental illness and back pain. For that matter, in order to avoid all these risks, it is important that an organization adopts a friendly organizational culture that is healthy to its employees. A good organizational culture promotes sound health conditions amongst organizational employees. Physical environment of the workplace Physical environment at the workplace should be healthy and safe. Therefore, it should b e free from hazards such as machine and electricity, musculoskeletal and chemical dangers. For that matter, these hazards should be regularly assessed in the organization to make sure that they are hazard free. In a physical environment that is characterized by prevalence of these hazards, occurrences of accidents become a common thing in the organization which in itself is counterproductive. Personal Health Practices Organizational management need to provide resources that relates to personal health of their employees. Every organization should be on the forefront to provide support to their employees in improvement of their personal health. For instance, organization should not be an inhibitor to employees in making lifestyle choices that are healthy to their well being. The employer should not in any way impose employees’ lifestyle choices. Therefore, the employer should help to eliminate these barriers to personal health by promoting flexible work practices to their workf orces. For instance, the organization can provide training on stress management, programs on smoking cessation, fitness club and flexi time working arrangement among others. All these approaches are geared towards promoting employees’ healthy being hence helping in solving of related problems such as ill health and accidents at the workplaces. Impact of globalization on human resource planning such as workplace counseling, ergonomics, alcohol and drug abuse and stress management Globalization has impacted differently on human resource management in the current times. The effects have therefore affected the way organizations undertake their human resource planning functions at the work place. In addition, it has also led to adverse effects on work place practices such as counseling, ergonomics, handling of issues such as alcohol and drug abuse and stress management. To begin with, globalization has resulted to transformation of traditional workforce composition to new arrangem ents. For instance, the traditional employment of human resource on permanent basis is quickly fading off as new forms of employment are being adopted on a widespread scale. Working arrangements such as outsourcing are becoming common practices in modern organization and globalization takes the center stage. In most organizations, their workforce is currently composed of the temporary, part time and freelance workers as opposed to the traditional permanent employment. Moreover, global outsourcing is also a practice that is currently being applied by most organization as it has even encroached into core functions of the organizations such as customer service. For that matter, it becomes practically impossible for the organization to partake practices such as workplace counseling, ergonomics, alcohol and drug abuse and stress management since most of these employees are considered to be seasonal. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the organization to adequately plan for seasonal empl oyees whose continued presence is not predicted. As a result, these human resource management practices are therefore left to be handled by other auxiliary players who may not provide the desired standards especially in the case of outsourcing. For that matter, work place counseling, ergonomics, alcohol and drug abuse and stress management are therefore mismanaged in the organization. In most cases, this impacts negatively to the well being of these employees in the organization. Practices that HR Professionals can employ to manage culturally diverse workforce through multi-culturalism Organizational performance is determined by several factors. Some of these factors include management of cultural diversity at the work place. In terms of human resource management practices, there are a wide variety of measures that human resource personnel can implement in order to promote cultural diversity in the organization. Nevertheless, multi culturalism at the work place can be promoted throu gh practices such as equal treatment of all employees irrespective of their cultural affiliations. Therefore, it means there should be no discrimination in the work place either by the management or by employees themselves. Treating of employees differently in the workplaces normally erodes morale while at the same time creating resentment. For that matter, it is important that preferential treatment of employees be discouraged. Moreover, the organization should put in place some efforts that help to break down insensitivities and stereotypes towards minority groups. Furthermore, organizations have become increasingly concerned with disparities that exist in the work places which are highly attributed to ethnicity, race and the socio-economic class that exist in our societies. Therefore, in relation to this, it is important for any organization to craft effective and efficient human resource approaches that aim to help in creating awareness amongst its employees against practices th at promote discrimination in the work place. For that matter, competent and proactive practices in a diversity awareness program need to be crafted and implemented in the organization. Moreover, various activities and roles of stakeholders around and within the organization need to take center stage in preaching against cultural discrimination (Mintzberg Quinn, 2003). Therefore, the diversity awareness system should prioritize the organizational cultural diversity in order to have culturally competent practices that address these disparities. Therefore, British Sugar which is the employer in this case should develop a blue print that seeks to address all forms of disparity in its business processes. Nevertheless, the blue print should have structures which intend to facilitate friendly working environment through allocation of friendly work schedules and equal treatment amongst its employees. Besides, the human resource management personnel must ensure that senior management is edu cated on the need of the program to ensure their full participation. This is important since their active input in the approaches can help to minimize cultural discrimination in the work place. For instance, they can help to implement recruitment using electronic means which is one of the ways disparity in recruitment can be minimized. Nonetheless, it is also imperative to involve senior management since any measures taken need financial support which they have the final word. Therefore, the activities should not be trivialized especially in relation to financial support (Tansley Newll, 2007). Conclusion Human resource management is perceived in different ways. Several literature hold that human resource work involves the technical and rational realities of management functions (planning, organizing, leading and controlling).For instance, according to Jenkins and Ambrosini (2002), the practice of management involves managing power and politics where by one has to exert power to oth ers or being subjected to it. However, it is always challenging for managers to balance power and politics since according to Johnson and Scholes (2008), the most taunting task for managers is managing how to manage. In this respect, one is said to be a manager when he or she is able to use and balance power and politics in the best manner of his or her management functions. For that matter, it is important to apply human resource management functions in providing flexibility in work processes in order create conducive working environment. For that matter, human resource management functions should be applied in the organization to bring forth management effectiveness in the human resource practices. Consequently, issues such as discrimination should be addressed using best human resource practices. In connection to this, it is imperative that organization should develop legislative framework that seeks to guard against forms of discrimination at the work place. In addition, organiz ational culture should also be reformed in order to accommodate sound human resource practices such as respect to cultural diversity. This paper has also covered performance appraisal of employees in the organization by looking at various key issues of this exercise. For instance, it has extensively covered the concept of succession planning within an organization where various related issues have been covered. Likewise, evaluation of teams within an organization has been extensively covered by looking at related elements. To wind up, it should be understood that human resource appraisal in the organization is basically applied to ensure that continuous improvement is attained. Therefore, the paper recommends that the top management of the company should incorporate this appraisal plan in the organization’s strategic plans in order to ensure that it is in line with the goals and objectives of the organization. Furthermore, flexibility in work processes should also be aligned to strategic plans in order to achieve effectiveness in business operations. References Jenkins, N. Ambrosini, V. (2002) Strategic Management: A Multi-Perspective Approach. Basingstoke, Palgrave. Johnson, G. Scholes, K. (2008) Exploring Corporate Strategy. 8th Ed. London, Prentice Hall. Luis, R., David, B. B. Robert, L. C. (2011) Managing human resources. USA: Prentice Hall. Lynch, R. (2006) Corporate Strategy. 4th Ed. London, Prentice Hall. Mintzberg, H. Quinn, J. (2003) Strategy Process and Cases. 4th Ed. London, Prentice Hall. Stephen, B. (2005) Managing human resources: Personnel management in transition. USA: Blackwell Publishing. Susan, E. J. Randall, S. S. (2000) Managing human resources: A partnership perspective. London: South-Western College Publishing. Tansley, C. Newll, S. (2007) A Knowledge based view of agenda formation in the development of human resource information systems. Management learning, 38(1), pp.95-119. This essay on Managing Human Resource was written and submitted by user Cedric Buchanan to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The Tempest Analysis Discusses Morality and Fairness

'The Tempest' Analysis Discusses Morality and Fairness This analysis reveals that Shakespeare’s presentation of morality and fairness in the play is highly ambiguous and it is not clear where the audience’s sympathies should lay. The Tempest Analysis: Prospero Although Prospero has been treated badly at the hands of the Milan nobility, Shakespeare has made him a difficult character to sympathize with. For example: Prospero’s title in Milan was usurped, yet he did much the same thing to Caliban and Ariel by enslaving them and taking control of their island.Alonso and Antonio cruelly cast Prospero and Miranda out to sea, yet Prospero’s revenge is equally as cruel: he creates a horrific storm which destroys the boat and throws his noble counterparts into the sea. Prospero and Caliban In the story of The Tempest, Prospero’s enslavement and punishment of Caliban is difficult to reconcile with fairness and the extent of Prospero’s control is morally questionable. Caliban had once loved Prospero and showed him everything there was to know about the island, but Prospero’s considers his education of Caliban as more valuable. However, our sympathies firmly lay with Prospero when we learn that Caliban had tried to violate Miranda. Even when he forgives Caliban at the end of the play, he promises to â€Å"take responsibility† for him and continue to be his master. Prospero’s Forgiveness Prospero uses his magic as a form of power and control and gets his own way in every situation. Even though he does ultimately forgive his brother and the king, this could be considered to be a way to reinstate his Dukedom and ensure the marriage of his daughter to Ferdinand, soon to become King. Prospero has secured his safe passage back to Milan, the reinstatement of his title and a powerful connection to royalty through the marriage of his daughter – and managed to present it as an act of forgiveness! Although superficially encouraging us to sympathize with Prospero, Shakespeare questions the idea of fairness in The Tempest. The morality behind Prospero’s actions is highly subjective, despite the happy ending which is conventionally employed to â€Å"right the wrongs† of the play.

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Policy brief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Policy brief - Essay Example There is an acute shortage of nursing faculty across all the states in the US as Fox (2013) reports "Shortage of professors is curbing the capacity of nursing schools to crank out graduates with advanced degrees†. More baccalaureate degree-holder nurses are required from the view point of achieving higher enrollees for doctoral programs as well. IOM say that almost half the nursing workforce is likely to retire in couple of years. The proportion of ageing population over age 65 is steadily going up creating further strain on quality care. Reforms in healthcare system will bring millions of people under healthcare system requiring more nurses to provide needed healthcare in hospitals. It is important to note that the US Army, Air force, and Navy need nurses with baccalaureate degree. Even the Veterans Health Administration too needs nurses with a baccalaureate degree for further advancement in the job. According to Lavis et al. (2009), it is important to know whether increasing the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80 percent by 2020 is an important issue for policy makers in the process to enhance healthcare for people. This issue is highly relevant in the sense that baccalaureate degree-holder nurses by 2020 in the US is important for several reasons that include changing demographics where in proportion of aged above 65 is steadily increasing due to rising age at birth in the US and secondly the goal is to enhance quality care for its citizens. Baccalaureate degree nurses (BSN) play an important role in preventive care. Being trained in public community health and management the BSN nurses are more suited for several functions that include manager, patient educator, public health, discharge coordinator. Obama administration lays a special emphasis on preventive measures and Public Health Departments are provided increased funding support from the administration. The BSN-prepared public health nurses are most suited for